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What is giclee fine art printing?

Giclee (pronounced jhee-clay) reproductions were originally developed in 1989 as a digital method of fine art printing. The French word "Gicless" means "to spray ink." Oringinal art work is photographed either by an 8 x 10 camera an scanned, or photographed with a large format digital camera. The resulting files are stored in the computer, then output to a high-resolution inkjet printer.

Why a giclee?

During the printing process the four standard CMYK colors are used as well as light cyan, light magenta and light black. The result is great detail and texture in the highlights, midtones and shadows. The print heads are also adjustable so that work can be reproduced on canvas or paper at 1800 dpi so that the colores are precise and vibrant. The resulting reproduction is so close to the original work of art that it is almost impossible to tell them apart.

Ashley Collgiclees

All my giclees are printed with the finest archival inks.

My acrylics are reproduced on the best quality Fridrix canvas. After printing they are sealed with several coats of UV resistant clear varnish.

My watercolors are reproduced on 100% rag paper - Arches 140 lb cold press acid free, deckled edged with watermarks.

Care Of your giclee

A giclee print should be treated the same as the original. If the work has not been coated (such as a watercolor) or is on paper, it must be protected from moisture by glass. If the work is on canvas, no glass is used, since canvas needs to breath. Never expose any type of artwork to direct, prolonged sunlight or other harsh conditions.




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