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I am a professional artist whose medium is acrylics on canvas. Originally from the New York Metropolitan area, I now live in the Southwest, USA.  I have an MA in art having studied at Vassar, Columbia, Hofstra University, Montclaire University, The Art Students' League and the Du Cret School of Art. I have been an instructor at several colleges and the University of Virginia's Far Eastern Division in Okinawa and conducted many workshops in my areas of expertise. My work is in both national and international collections.

Although I have worked in various mediums the chosen medium for my most recent work is Chinese ink, rice paper and acrylic on canvas. I achieve  my unique visual effects by use of rice paper on canvas and the application of multiple layers of acrylic glazes, gels  and tissue paper for texture.
As a board member of the Sumi-e Society of America I am trying to foster an appreciation of Chinese brush painting, incorporating its spontaneity and fluidity into my own work. In my current work I attempt to capture a spirit of chi and create a feeling of zen, a place of quiet where one can enter and contemplate.
At the moment, In my latest series, inspired by the beauty of the South West  landscape, I am attempting to portray the effects of the primal forces of nature on the world about us. I want to draw the viewer into my exploration and provoke the  wonder. I seek to create a world of beauty and mystery the viewer will want to enter, and in entering, discover something uniquely visionary. Along with themes from nature, I am excitedly exploring the use of spiritual and religious symbolism in my work.



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